Technology fail, kid win

This blogging is tougher than it looks! I’ve currently got 3 drafts – including 2 for the artist per week project – waiting to be finished and posted. And I could have done it today, if I hadn’t spent lunchtime catching up on the fallout from Sunday’s NFL playoff games.

Instead, I’m bringing you this little nugget from last night, which I think will be my first Heather post. First of many, I hope.

Today is Gemma’s last day in work for 9 months (maternity leave!) and the girls from the office took her out last night for dinner and drinks. So I’m getting Heather ready for bed, and thought it would be nice to send a night night video to Mummy. So once the Dora pyjamas were on, out comes Daddy’s phone, I hit record and Heather nails it. “Night night mummy, wuvoo much” followed by some blown kisses and frantic waving. Absolutely perfect.

Except that it hasn’t recorded. Another try, then, and again Heather nails it. Super cute. And again, it hasn’t recorded.

At this point I realise that the memory card is full. So… I delete a few songs and have another go. However, between getting changed and performing, by this point Heather’s been standing in the same spot for about 10 minutes and is getting a little bored.
So we try again. I feed her the lines this time, they get shouted, bellowed even,and then for some reason she decides to show off her belly, and pulls up her top. Pulling down the trousers is less successful, but that doesn’t matter because me and Uncle Ian are already in hysterics behind the camera. Which accompanies the kisses and waving that complete the piece.

Ironically, Gemma didn’t have a strong enough signal to download the clip, so it seemed a wasted exercise. But it still made her smile when she got home.

The moral of the story is, of course, to check you’ve got space before trying to record something. But in some ways I think the end result was even better than the first attempt – it seems somehow more Heather. And she definitely liked it, at least that’s the impression I got from her repeatedly asking to watch it until she went to bed.

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