Now, where did I put that stethoscope?

Now, where did I put that stethoscope?

Yesterday marked 39 weeks into our current pregnancy, so one week (ish) to go until Baby 2.0 arrives, and we’re back into Meconium poo, midnight feeds, baby sick and all the other joys of being a new parent. Yay!

Of course it will be different this time around, because we’ve already got Heather to contend with, and we’ll have to adapt all sorts of things to suit having two kids instead of just one. Two seats in the car is an obvious one, but less visibly I’m expecting the time it takes us to get out of the house to triple this time, rather than double like it did with Heather.

One thing I’m not too worried about is how she’s going to cope with having a new baby brother or sister. We’ve made no secret of the fact that there is a baby in Mummy’s tummy, and plenty of kisses and hugs have been sent that way. I think it will still be a surprise, though, when Baby actually makes an appearance, and we’ll need to make sure that there’s no room for jealousy to creep in.

Fortunately, Heather is a very good natured girl, and very helpful with it. She loves dusting and sweeping the floor, whether it needs it or not, and at bath time she’s more than happy to give the tiles or the shower screen a wipe. Recently she’s become insistent on putting her dirty washing into the wash basket, dropping used nappies into the nappy bin, and helping me make my sandwiches in the morning (although I think as much to do with the bits of bread/cheese/pastrami she can scavenge as anything else).

Yesterday, her “helpfulness” reached new heights. Gem had a check up at the mid-wife in the morning, and when they got home Heather started pulling toys out of her toy box, scattering them everywhere. She was obviously looking for something, but wouldn’t say what. Eventually, though, she found it – her medical bag (thanks again, Ruth and Andrew!). And so, Mummy had her blood pressure and heartbeat checked again, by Dr Heather. Over and over and over again.

So with all that in mind, I think Heather’s going to cope just fine with life as a big sister. Which can’t begin soon enough as far as Mummy and Daddy are concerned!

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