30 songs: Writing’s on the wall

When I started this blog a few months back, I wasn’t all that sure what it would contain, if anything. Music, family anecdotes and the occasional rant were all things I thought would feature though. Four months on, the picture is somewhat different. Since Bob Dylan wrecked my “listen to new (to me) music every weeek and blog about it” project by being too good, it’s fair to say music has taken a bit of a backseat.

Well no more. I’ve seen a few people doing the 30 Day Song Challenge meme (although interestingly I think I’ve yet to see anyone complete it!) and decided to join in. And I aim to finish, although don’t expect for one minute that it will be done in 30 days. Or even 30 working days. This is going to take some time…

So… day one – my favourite song. That’s easy, right?

Not so much. I love music. I’ve bought a lot of music. I love a lot of music, across a host of eras, genres and artists. Trying to distill that down to one song that I can say hand on heart is my favourite… that’s really, really hard. I’ve agonised over this for weeks, thinking up, then rejecting, all sorts of things. Some of those have been put against future categories (planning ahead, you see, although those are liable to change before I write about them anyway) while others have dropped off the list altogether.

So how have I finally made a decision? What it came to was this: it would be very easy to have the same handful of bands cover the whole list, so I’m going the opposite way – every spot will feature someone different. That’s the plan, anyway, whether or not I stick to it is a different matter. But with that rule in place, one song instantly rose to the top of the pile.

For a good while back in the day, it was a rare weekend where I didn’t end at least one weekend night in Fury Murry’s. It might have been run-down, dirty and smelly, but for me, Fury’s (and to a lesser extent the Garage) was the perfect nightclub. You could turn up wearing whatever you liked, the drinks were usually cheap, and the music was so in tune with my indie/rock tastes it was uncanny. I even ended my stag night there, because where else could I have possibly wanted to go.

I think it was probably in Fury’s that I first heard Superstition by Stevie Wonder. Even if it wasn’t, it’s still the first thing that comes to mind when I hear that distinctive drum intro (played, on the original recording, by Stevie himself). What I know for definite is that the song became my Fury’s anthem (Stone Roses’ I Am The Resurrection is a close second). If for some reason it WASN’T played of an evening, I was gutted, and after a while I took it on myself to request it. EVERY time I was in the place. The fact that one of the regular weekend DJs was a friend of a friend helped in that regard.

Many years later, Fury’s Glasgow is sadly no more. But my dancing shoes live on, and nothing gets me on a dancefloor faster than a bit of Stevie!

Interestingly, I told Gem what my opening selection for this was going to be, and what a struggle it had been to settle on one song. “Really”, she said, “I’d have picked that for you straight away”. Proof, as if it were needed, that my wife knows me a lot better than I know myself!

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9 thoughts on “30 songs: Writing’s on the wall

  1. I’ll have you know I’m using this meme as filler. I have ample stuff to write about at the moment, which is why it’s dried up 😉

    This was the first song my mate’s girl-fronted soul band played at the #weddingofawesome (not our “first dance”… although Stevie’s was my friend Dallis’ first dance…). You gotta hear Soulussion’s version sometime. Cazz’s vocals are jaw-dropping.

    • My best mate is a music teacher who runs a soul band with his pupils, and for a couple of years had a “grown up” version who at one point had a Saturday afternoon residency in MacSorley’s! They did weddings/functions as well, but things started to unravel when half wanted to focus on those, and the other half wanted to focus on bar gigs. The male singer appearing on the Sunday Mail’s front page (not in a good way!) was the final straw, though, not least because a few folk actually cancelled bookings because of it.

      Shame, because we always had a great time at their gigs. Sunshine of Your Love was by far my favourite song they did. Don’t recall Superstition ever featuring.

  2. Thanks for the walk down memory lane. I <3 Fury's too :o)

    As I recall it was most fun when you were napping in a corner ;o) xx

    Oh, and this song def in my top 5 too. I thought about doing the 30 day song challenge but the first question: favourite song put me right off. I could never pick just one…

    • Do it! Just add a disclaimer that any and all selections are valid only on the day they’re made, and subject to change at any time.

      And this is the second time in almost as many days someone has mentioned me sleeping in clubs. I’ll get a reputation! (as if I didn’t have one anyway!)

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