30 songs: You gotta spread the word

If picking my favourite song was a challenge, picking my least favourite song might just be even harder. I mean, how many millions of songs have ever been recorded? And even if I like thousands of them, that still leaves… well, a lot that I don’t like.

To narrow things down a bit, and avoid picking something that I’m quite obviously never going to like (Scooter, I’m looking at the likes of you) I’m going to follow Lis‘ lead, and restrict myself to things that I might have liked.

Be Here Now is, for a lot of people, the point where the Oasis bandwagon came off the rails. Definitely Maybe is without doubt one of the best debut albums ever released, and although I’ve never been as keen on (What’s the Story) Morning Glory?, it’s still a decent album (for the record, I’ve always preferred Blur’s Great Escape), and I was definitely looking forward to record number three.

I started my first post-university job the day Be Here Now was released. At lunchtime I left my new colleagues behind and trekked down to HMV to buy it – I know it was from HMV, because I’ve still got the crappy numbered certificate that was inside, certifying that I “was there then”. Really!

If you’ve heard the album, you’ll know it’s not very good. Sure there are a few highlights, but overall it was a disappointment, even more so given the hype that had surrounded its release.

One track in particular made me cringe, and that’s what I’ve picked today: All Around the World. The strings sound good, I’ll give them that. But beyond that? The lyrics are fairly trite, the melody is pretty bland, and Liam’s voice grates more than usual. And yet, I think it would have been a decent enough album filler track had it finished after about 4 minutes! The last two or three minutes are not just unnecessary, they’re downright offensive – it’s like they’re taking everything I didn’t like earlier on, and repeating it over, and over, and over again. Aaaargh!

When they released it as a single, astonishingly giving them their fourth UK number one, that was when Oasis really jumped the shark for me. I’d bought every single up until that point, never bought another one again. Yes I might have one or two of their later albums, and yes they did make decent songs after this, but it was never the same again.

I never saw Oasis live. Maybe I’ll go when the inevitable reunion tour comes to town. But if they play All Around the World, I’ll be getting the drinks in.

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7 thoughts on “30 songs: You gotta spread the word

  1. Maaaaaaaate… I’m now going to have that “na. na-na-na-na. na-na-na-na. na-na NAH na” refrain stuck in my head all day.

    And your sidebar says you’ve been listening to one of my mixes too. No fair.

    • Sorry. If it’s any consolation, it’s still stuck in mine. Need to get some proper tunes in my ears post-haste. Really like that Kai song!

      And I totally meant to link to you from this post… will correct that now.

  2. First, Oasis is a very critically underrated band. They were way too popular with real people to ever be given the time of day by snobbish critics. Radiohead, anyone? Zzzzzz…

    Yes, All Around the World is too long. But the same could be said for some Beatles, Pink Floyd and Led Zeppelin songs.

    That said, Liam’s vocals really sparkle on this one. His delivery is spot on. Give it another listen when you’re not trying to impress all your trendy, hipster friends. You might even love it.

    IMO, Oasis didn’t start to lose their stride until the next album. Now that was a step down, though Heathen Chemistry was a terrific return to form.


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