30 songs: Make my way back home

Two posts in as many days? Wow! Just don’t get too used to it…

Yesterday’s post was about a song that reminds me of Gem and how we became a couple after meeting online. I mentioned another friend that I’d made in a similar way, and met shortly afterwards despite thousands of miles separating us. By sheer coincidence (it only occurred to me AFTER I’d picked today’s song) today’s topic, a song that reminds meof somewhere, relates to that trip. I couldn’t have planned it better if I’d tried.

My weekend visiting Vero in Ann Arbor (she was studying at the University of Michigan at the time) was pretty hectic. It was Hallowe’en weekend, which meant every night was party night, and the girls of Stockwell Hall seemed to be invited to every party there was. One night I even got dressed up myself – a hastily assembled Britney Spears outfit (think Baby One More Time video, with a baseball cap in lieu of blonde pigtails because we couldn’t get hold of a suitable wig).

In between all the partying, I:

  • was accused of having the most fake Scottish accent ever, before being asked to say something in my own language (English?)
  • got in trouble for the heinous crime of going for a shower un-chaperoned
  • broke and fixed a laptop (sorry Cate!) thanks to Olympus crappy camera software
  • toured round Ann Arbor but never got inside Michigan Stadium
  • ate the most amazing cinnamon sticks I’ve ever had (thanks, Pizza House!)

Sadly, all good things come to an end, and I had to leave. Not to go home, though, but to Utah, to visit my friend Rod who had recently moved out there. And that meant leaving Ann Arbor at 5am for a 3-4 hour flight.

I spent most of that flight asleep, but before I dropped off I’d put my airline supplied earphones in, and tuned to their rock station. Which was on a loop, playing the same songs every 40 minutes. Coincidentally, I woke up every 40 minutes, meaning that the only song I heard on that flight was Foo Fighters’ Learn To Fly. On the other hand, it might have just been that song that was played, on repeat, for the entire flight.

Either way Learn to Fly, rather appropriately, will forever remind me of flying between Ann Arbor, MI and Salt Lake City, UT. (Awesome video as well!)

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9 thoughts on “30 songs: Make my way back home

  1. Oh how I remember that trip and I wasn’t even there. I, in fact, was left at home to deal with mum worrying about you off travelling on your own and meeting Vero who you had met on the internet – what if she was a mad psycho killer or a cannibal or something equally as horrifying? Lol!!!!! Luckily she was/is none of these things and I look forward to one day meeting her in person. But in the meantime thanks bro for making that trip I’m ever so grateful *sarcastic tone* xx

  2. Also you really do make a habit of only hearing one song when you wake up every few hours don’t you you mole digging in a hole? Lol xx

  3. This is a bit know-all-y but we have sleep cycles of roughly 45 minutes. About the length of an album 😉

    Ps hope you took your sleeping bag to Ann arbor 😉


  4. Gem: I find it hilarious you put me in the “not psycho” category, ESPECIALLY after meeting me.
    Richy: This visit is a timeless classic, and among my most cherished memories at Michigan. And ever, really.

    • **Correction:
      Ali: My mistake. It was you who put me in the “not a psycho KILLER” category. One fewer word and you would have hit the nail on the head. As to the “equally as horrifying” bit, well… I’ll let you make up your mind on your own if/when we get to meet.

      • **Correction of my correction:
        Re: The “not a psycho killer” category: two. two fewer words and you would have hit the nail on the head. i belong in the “a psycho” category. Also in some Monty Python sketch, given my own running commentary and corrections thereof.

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