I’ve got all the riches, baby, one man can claim


With Sunday coming being Father’s Day – at least here in the UK – I thought it would be nice to write about my two beautiful daughters, and what it’s like being their dad. I will warn you, this could get nauseating, so if you’ve got a weak stomach, it might be worth looking away now!

Megan is the youngest of our little’uns, recently reaching the ripe old age of three months, and has already developed the most beautiful smile, which we get to see an awful lot of, which is an absolute joy. Significantly less joyful though, is when she’s not happy – my goodness can that girl scream. I’m no expert, but I have been in the company of a few babies in recent years, and I don’t think I’ve ever heard one as loud and piercing as our Megan. Honestly, it has to be heard to be believed, but that girl has an amazing pair of lungs in there.

Fortunately she’s generally a very contented baby, which means we get a lot more smiles than crying (I was going to write “tears” there, but those are only just starting to come in so that wouldn’t have been right). She’s a lot calmer than her older sister was, and has been since she was born, which is a bit of relief – our worst nightmare was that Heather turned out to be the quiet one!

Speaking of Heather, she’s now two and a half, and is definitely a little girl rather than a baby or even a toddler. The changes we’ve seen in her since Megan was born are quite incredible. Three months ago she was a great communicator with an expansive vocabulary, but still only used fragments of two or three words at a time. Now she uses full sentences, and by full I mean full. Last week she told me “I can’t get dressed yet, Mummy told me Megan is sleeping in my room”. That’s pretty impressive.

As is her grasp of technology – I really need to write about that at some point, because it constantly amazes us what she’s capable of doing. And her memory… in the last few weeks it’s been like something new got switched on, because her powers of recall have increased beyond belief, remembering not just things that happened recently, but stuff that happened months or even years ago – when that happens me and Gem just look at each other, jaws slack, and think “how?”.

Yes, she can be challenging – ignoring us when we ask her to do something is a particular frustration, and she’s ALWAYS a flight risk – but the life that springs out of her, (I swear that the word “boisterous” was invented just to describe her) and the smiles it puts on the faces of everyone who meets her more than compensates.

So that’s our two girls, but what’s it like being their dad? A lot of fun is the short answer, but I think that needs some qualification. We’re quite a traditional family in a lot of ways – I work five days a week, while Gem stays home with the girls three days out of five (all five just now, thanks to maternity leave!). So I miss out on a lot of the tantrums, spilled food/water and stress of having to juggle looking after two kids and a house. And I haven’t yet had to remove stinky poo from anything except a nappy! Instead, I get to be fun Daddy, who (almost) always has time to play and is more than willing to join in, whether it’s doing silly voices (Daddy Robot is a real favourite), jumping like a frog, or singing “Winkle roses” (Ring a Ring o’ Roses) while going round in circles in the kitchen.

The downside to that, of course, is that I rarely get to see any of the firsts – leaving the house within an hour of us all getting up, and getting home an hour before bedtime means the odds are always in favour of those happening when I’m out. But it just makes the firsts I do get, like Megan’s first giggle, even more precious. And if, like tonight, I do something straight after work, it means I don’t see my girls for a whole day, which can be tough (Heather said as I was leaving this morning “see you when you get home”… :( )

On balance, though, I think the good outweighs the bad, and I definitely think I have a much easier ride than Gem does (although whether I should admit that to the world is a different story – more chores coming my way I think!).

Being a dad is awesome, and I wouldn’t trade it for the world! Now, bring on the lie-in and the presents…

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    • Yay indeed! At which point one of 2 things will happen – Heather will either stop mentioning the ice cream shop every day, as a possible destination, or she’ll start pestering us to go back. Think my money is on the latter…;)

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