30 songs: Uno dos tres cuatro cinco cinco seis

Today’s heading is “a song you can dance to”. Now, anyone who knows me knows that I rather enjoy strutting my stuff on the dancefloor – especially after one or two, er, refreshments. Whether or not my funky moves could be classed as dancing is, perhaps, open to debate, but I like to think it is, which makes the options for this category almost limitless.

So I’ve decided to narrow things down to songs which have a specific dance associated with them, things like The Locomotion, Macarena or even Saturday Night – in other words, the sort of cheesy thing that’s guaranteed to fill the dancefloor at any celebration.

One dance stands head and shoulders above the competition, at least in the West of Scotland, and that is, of course, the Slosh. For those not from round here, the Slosh is a sort-of line dance, which usually accompanies some 70’s easy listening track (the Scotsman have conveniently listed a top 5 best Slosh records here, so I don’t have to).

Astonishingly that font of all human knowledge, Wikipedia, knows NOTHING about the Slosh, something I’m actually inclined to rectify. However, YouTube knows better, offering up this fine specimen courtesy of Jack and Victor from Still Game. There are plenty more examples of course, taken at weddings and parties. Like a lot of YouTube content, I find myself asking “why?”, but it’s there if you really want it.

I’ve written before about Fury Murray’s and the many good times it played host to. Another club I always had a good time at is the Garage, where I witnessed one of the strangest things I’ve ever seen, .

Imagine if you will, it’s Saturday night, around 1998/9… the dancefloor is packed… and blasting out the speakers comes “Gunter glieben glauchen globen”, the nonsense introduction to The Offspring’s Pretty Fly (For a White Guy). The last thing you then expect to see is a bunch of rockers, all hair and beards and piercings and tattoos and black combats with massive chains hanging out the pockets burst onto the floor, and start doing the Slosh… it was certainly the last thing I expected, anyway. But that’s exactly what happened. Weird.

No idea if I joined in or if I just stood and watched in awe – I’ve no idea who I was even with – but it was definitely a magical moment I’ll not forget.

So in honour of those random guys, and because the Slosh is definitely a dance I can do, I give you Pretty Fly (For a White Guy).

Oh, and for any Random Crap Fact fans out there, I recently learned that the “give it to me baby” part was sung by Stretch the tape measure from Handy Manny, one of Heather’s favourite shows. Sort of!

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  2. “Gunter glieben glauben globen” is a sample from Def Leppard’s “Rock Of Ages”. It is indeed gibberish made to sound like German.

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