I hate you so much right now

An interesting development tonight – one of my daughters isn’t talking to me!

It was my turn to put Megan to bed, but when I tried to pick her up all she wanted to do was cuddle her mummy. Not the best start to bedtime, although it did get better when we stood blowing kisses before heading up the stairs. She even managed to blow a kiss all by herself, for the first time ever – unfortunately we were round the corner at the bottom of the stairs, and the only person who saw it was me. But still, it happened.

Brushing of teeth was the usual battle, and there were tears, but I think we were still friends at that point. It was after story time (Meg and Mog… AGAIN!) that it all went horribly wrong.

While I got her sleeping bag out of her cot, Megan decided to go for a wander. She got to the door, and made as if to open it. I said “No” and she flashed me one of those cute grins I wrote about recently, before trying to open the door again. “NO” I said, summoning up my stern tone. Judging by the noise she started making, I’m guessing our youngest wasn’t completely happy with this turn of events.

I held out my arms, and she came to me… then turned away and picked up Daddy Lion, who consoled her while I got her sleeping bag on and lifted her into her cot. Where I was given a very cold shoulder when I tried to kiss her goodnight. At least she was quiet at this point, which was more than could be said by the time I got back downstairs.

Five minutes later, five minutes of constant wailing, I went back in to calm her down. The noise stopped as soon as I opened the door, but she did her absolute best not to look at me. And I know this wasn’t just my imagination, because I picked her up and turned her round, and she turned her head away again. And when I left the room again? More wailing.

So Gemma went in, and Megan calmed down instantly. And we’ve not heard a peep in the 4 hours since. Win for Mummy!

Megan is going through a real tantrum phase just now – at least we hope it’s just a phase. Any time we take something off her, or move her from somewhere she shouldn’t be she kicks off. Like proper, throw herself on the floor and beat it with her fists kicks off. Like I say, we’re hoping it’s just a phase, and a short one at that, because it gets tired very quickly.

So anyway, that’s why Megan isn’t talking to me tonight. I’m hoping it will be forgotten by tomorrow, and we can be friends again, but I’m not completely convinced that it will be. I’ve got a sneaky suspicion that our one year old is already capable of holding a grudge.

I guess I’ll find out in the morning.

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