ABC, easy as 123

This afternoon I found myself playing at schools with Heather. She had her blackboard out and had been drawing people and aliens when all of a sudden she told me “right, you be the teacher now”, brought through her little red chair, and sat down, expectantly.


And so, with my name alternating between Mr Teacher and Mr Daddy, we got down to some learning.

I started with numbers, something she’s already starting to get to grips with. I wrote 1 to 10 on the board, and by pointing at them randomly asked Heather what each one was. She got more right than she didn’t, which impressed me no end, because I only expected her to get “3” (because it’s her age) and 10 (no idea how she knows that one, but she does). Weird to think that once she can read/ write these 10 digits that’s her effectively learned ALL the numbers!

Then we moved on to letters. This is something she’s been really interested in recently, getting really excited whenever she spots an H (“that’s my name!”) in a book or magazine, or even on a Words With Friends board!

Knowing there’s a few letters she can already write I went with that for my lesson, writing a random letter on the board, telling her what it was (if she didn’t already know) and getting her to copy it. Which she did, and was loving every moment.

I managed to finish playing schools while it was still fun, and I’m sure it’s something we’ll play again in future. Heather loved it, and I felt really pleased with myself that I’d taught my daughter something.

I’m even prepared to put up with being told by my pupil what colour chalk to use. I’m fairly certain that doesn’t happen in REAL school…

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