I took my pennies to the market square

I mentioned last week how between us me and Heather had concocted a fishing game, using a bit of ribbon and a Snow White figure. I still don’t really understand her contribution, that the fish has to be asleep before it can be caught, but then I’m not three years old – maybe I’m not supposed to understand?

Yesterday she came up with another game, based on the AA Milne poem “Market Square”. I say game, it’s really role play I guess, but whatever you want to call it, it’s amusing. What it involves is Heather holding some coins (she found some on my bedside table this morning, including one that came back from Sweden with me) and saying she is going with them to the Market Square. When she gets there, she asks if I have any rabbits, and when I say no, she asks what I do have. Which is one of sweet lavender, fresh mackerel or new saucepans. But she doesn’t want any of those, she wants a rabbit. And I don’t have any of those. So she goes away “disappointed”. Every time.

If you’re not familiar with the poem this probably doesn’t make much sense. I’d have been in the same boat until fairly recently, until I came across Chris T-T’s excellent “Disobedience” album in fact. It’s a collection of AA Milne poems set to music, which was performed at last year’s Edinburgh Fringe and then at various shows around the country. Every track is brilliant, and even better, I discovered we’ve got all the lyrics at home, in the form of a Winnie the Pooh collection that includes the books the poems are taken from.

I tried reading from the book one night at bedtime and it seemed to go down well. So much so, in fact, that Heather’s asked for it the last couple of times I put her to bed. Tonight it was a late substitute, mind you, but it replaced the Gruffalo, and if that isn’t high praise then I don’t know what is.

I’m pleased to report that she seems to like my favourite of the poems, Binker, although I think Market Square is Heather’s favourite. It’s certainly the only one she’s made a game out of, although I guess there’s plenty of time for the others to be gamefied yet!

You can hear – and buy – Chris T-T’s “Disobedience” on his Bandcamp page. The whole album really is excellent, but I’d especially recommend Binker, which would bring a tear to a glass eye. And Market Square, of course.

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