You got a friend in me


Earlier tonight I had one of those heart melting moments that only kids seem able to bring on. The kind that leaves you with a great big dopey grin that, even if you wanted to, would be nigh on impossible to wipe from your face.

“And what brought this on?” I hear you ask. Nothing more than the sight of our two girls wandering through the living room, holding hands and giggling, like the best friends they’ve already become.

It’s fascinating to watch, actually, as Megan develops the social and language skills to really let her personality out. And a big part of that is played out with her older sister, who seems to be not just her best friend, but her absolute idol. Anything Heather does, there’s a very good chance Megan will copy it. And of course that goes for naughty things as well as nice. Which, to be honest can be a real pain, but we just have to get on with it.

Above all, there’s laughter, and lots of it. Probably my favourite sound in the world is the two of them laughing together. Even when the source of the hilarity is something they shouldn’t be doing, it’s hard to keep that big, dumb grin off my face.

This will change of course. I’ve been reliably informed that they’ll be best friends until their teens, at which point they’ll hate each other before coming out on the other side closer than ever. I’m not sure I like the sound of that middle bit, but if they ultimately remain the best of friends then I guess it’ll be worth it.

But that’s all a long way off. Until then, though, I’m going to enjoy the smiles and the laughter. For as long as possible.

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