Happy talk, keep talkin’ happy talk

Chillaxin'Somewhat unbelievably, Megan is now a week or so shy of 18 months old – how on earth did that happen? – and as such has reached a great stage in her development, as she begins to use the same words as the rest of us.

She’s been slowly building up a vocabulary for some time, but in the last week or so the words have been coming thick and fast, sometimes two or three new ones a day, and it’s really amazing to witness. Off the top of my head, these are the words and phrases she can say: coat, hair, teddy, shoes, all done, door, ta, ta ta, love you, night night, Mummy, Daddy, Grandma, Nana (as in Gem’s mum), nana (as in banana), key (which she knows goes in the lock to open the door), there.

I’m quite sure there are plenty more that she can say that I’ve forgotten right now, but it’s a good list nonetheless.

Eating spaghettiPerhaps more interesting is that over the past few months there have been words that have come and gone. Things that she can and does say for days on end, but which then mysteriously disappear, never to be heard again. One of those was Heather (or Heedah, as Megan put it) which was one of the first things she was able to say, which would be useful on a daily basis, and yet fell completely out of use before making a reappearance in the last few days.

Of course there are also a few mystery words and phrases which crop up a lot, and are recognisable, but we’re clueless as to what they mean. I’m thinking specifically of gummy which is by far the most common thing Megan says. It genuinely seems to mean everything and nothing. Maybe she just says it to mess with our heads?

Inevitably we find ourselves comparing Megan’s progress with Heather’s – how could you not, especially when we’ve got a very definite comparison point (we visited New York when H was 16 months). Megan has been a little slower to start using words herself, which I believe is common with second children, and nothing to be concerned about.

Especially since she appears to understand every word we say to her!

Honestly, it’s uncanny, and she’s been like it for months. It doesn’t seem to matter what we say to her, how complicated the sentence structure is, she understands. Amazing, and not how we remember Heather at all. Mind you, Heather never stood still long enough to talk to her in anything more than snatches and fragments, so it’s probably not a fair comparison!

Fun at Riverside MuseumOf course, the noise we hear from Megan most is the horrible, horrible screech that means Heather has upset her in some way – usually by sitting on her, or taking something away from her, or knocking her over, or… well, you get the idea. The noise reminds me of pterodactyls in Hollywood movies, or maybe some of the bigger birds of prey we’ve seen at zoos and wildlife parks. Truly a horrible noise.

I’ll be glad when she grows out of that one… IF she grows out of it!

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