You and I are gonna live forever

We’re road trippin’ this weekend, visiting Nana (Gem’s Mum) in Lincolnshire, and today heading through to Derbyshire for a family picnic. The latter was supposed to include a marriage blessing, but with the bride stick in Argentina without visa or even passport (it’s with the visa people) that boy’s been understandably cancelled.

It’s yesterday I wanted to talk about though, when I had a near death experience. No, I didn’t have a run-in with a combine harvester when I was out running, this experience involved playing at being sunflowers and watching Marley and Me.


I’ve often said I’d love to get inside the girls’ heads, and yesterday was one of those times, when Heather, with the aid of a saucer from her Peppa Pig tea set, was pretending to be a sunflower. It wasn’t long before I got roped in as well, although sadly I don’t have a picture of me! At one point Daddy Sunflower died, but Heather Sunflower told me it was okay, we could come back to life as roses. Just like in real life, obviously.

Later on, we were watching Marley and Me, and death came up a couple of times, first when Jennifer Aniston has a miscarriage (“did she not eat enough food Daddy? Is that why the baby died? If she eats more food she’ll get a big tummy for the baby”) and then at the end of the film when Marley the dog gets old and dies.

I thought that was going to be a big traumatic moment, but it turned out not to be, largely because Heather was flitting in and out of the movie and missed the scene where Marley went to doggy heaven. She did see the end of his funeral, but I don’t think she had any idea who was in that hole in the ground.

I did, of course, say that Marley had died, and that’s why everyone was sad, but I really don’t think she understands the concept. And why should she? She’s only 3!

It got me thinking though, at some point we are going to have to deal with a real death and in the real world we don’t come back as roses. Or any other kind of flower for that matter. And sooner or later we’re going to have to explain that to not one but two little girls, which is never going to be a nice thing to do.

If only we could all just run off to play with Teddy and miss that bit.

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