The 12 dads of Christmas

When Ben (aka The Fool) contacted me a couple of weeks ago asking if I’d be part of a video project he was embarking on, I agreed in an instant, without knowing what was involved. Only after I’d signed up did he reveal that the video I’d to produce involved singing. Hmmmmm… not my strongest talent, but by this time I was signed up – what could I do?

Of course I’ve been found exercising my vocal chords on YouTube before; sadly, though, my rousing rendition of Flower of Scotland (before a match at Hampden) is no longer available, or I’d have it linked here. No, really!

Anyhow, Ben’s idea was to get 12 dads singing The 12 Days of Christmas. Each of us were given a different verse to sing, and a deadline to get our video back to Ben. Easy peasy. I waited until our tree was up, just to give proceedings a festive backdrop, and then in literally 4 takes it was done. How professional!

The final result is (hopefully) embedded below for your amusement and delight. I’m absolutely thrilled with the result, as was Heather when she spotted me on YouTube. Imagine – Daddy appearing on her beloved YouTube. I think a small part of her mind might actually have been blown.

My only criticism of the whole thing is aimed squarely at myself. Next time I’ll make sure to have a light or two on, so I can actually be seen – the shadowy air of mystery I’ve ended up with wasn’t intentional!

Now, all we have to do is sit back and wait for Mr Cowell’s call, for fame and fortune surely beckon?

You can read Ben’s blog post about the project, including a list of everyone involved, here. Thanks to Ben and all the other dads for creating something truly… special :)

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