So this is Christmas


It’s fair to say this has been a Christmas of extremes. At one extreme has been the absolute wonder that only kids can bring. This year, more than any we’ve had so far, Heather gets the whole thing. And that’s rubbed off on Megan too, meaning we’ve had two very excited girls for weeks and weeks.

And Christmas Day itself certainly didn’t disappoint. The girls had a great time opening their presents (Megan more interested in removing the wrapping than the contents) and we had a wonderful dinner with my lot, minus my brother-in-law who sadly had to work. It was after midnight before my Mum and Dad left us, rounding off a wonderful day that was definitely one of the best ever.

So that was the good. But there’s been bad too. We’ve all had the dreaded Norovirus to varying degrees, with poor Megan being the worst. She’s had not one but two relapses, twice throwing up just when we thought she was back to normal. And the icing on the cake? Heather is now on a course of antibiotics to help her fight the tonsilitis she’s come down with in the last 24 hours.

Merry Christmas to us!

Here’s hoping the new year starts more healthily than this one has finished. I doubt it could get much worse.

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