Another year over, a new one just begun


Crown and Anchor, Welby. Perfect for a New Year's Day pint

I found myself thinking about Yoko Ono in the shower this morning. No, nothing like that, it was the Christmas song she did with John Lennon that popped into my head, specifically the line where she wishes us “a happy new year… without any tears”.

Wishful thinking, and more than a little naive I reckon. As a parent of two pre-schoolers (something I won’t be able to say this time next year!) I’d settle for a day without tears. Maybe one day, but I don’t think it will come any time soon. Certainly not in 2013!

The year just gone had plenty of tears, but none of them were over anything serious. Unless you count being denied an extra biscuit or not getting to watch another Spongebob before bed as serious!

For the grown ups, 2012 was a successful year. Between us, Gem and I lost over 10 stone in weight – that’s a whole person! I also ran my first 10k road race, and in a pretty good time from what everyone tells me. And I set up this here blog, joining an awesome online community in the process, something which culminated in this wonderful video at the tail end of the year.

So now, as a new year dawns, it’s time to set some new goals, and this is something I’ve thought long and hard about, if only to make sure that I’m aiming for something that’s actually achievable – I’m a busy guy! Here, then, in no particular order, are my goals for 2013:

  1. Read at least 12 books

    I tried this a couple of years ago, and failed miserably, so I’m hoping for a better result this time around. 12 books… that’s one a month. Shouldn’t be too hard, right? If I got the train to work it wouldn’t be a problem, but driving every day limits my opportunities for reading. Of all my challenges, i think this might actually be the toughest.
  2. Run more
    I’m planning to run at least two 10ks this year, and to improve on the PB of 52:31 that I set in 2012. In fact, I’m aiming for a sub 50 minute 10k, but I think that’s going to depend on how soon I get back into it – I’m currently resting out a groin strain. Fingers crossed I can get out on the road in the next week or so, and hopefully the this one will fall into place.
  3. Write more regularly
    After a strong start, my blogging rate fell away over the summer, and the NFL season almost killed it entirely. It’s not tha I’ve struggled for things to write about, it’s been more a question of time management. Like the reading, though, I’m hoping to do a better job of making time in 2013. How well I do at that will, of course, be evident right here.
  4. Drink more beer
    I like beer, probably too much if I’m being honest. Something that made a big difference in the great diet of 2012,though, was substituting quality for quantity. Gone are the days of pickin up a case of whatever the supermarkets have on offer. Instead, I’m making more of an effort to seek out beers I’ve never drunk before, and savouring them. As a result, I’m drinking less overall, and that’s something I’m keen to continue in 2013. I might even write about some of the beers I’ve sampled!
  5. Make more beer
    This kind of goes hand in hand with the last item, and like so many of these, it’s something I’ve been saying for years but not actually managed. I did make my own beer once, so I’ve got all the kit. Finding room for the barrel while it ferments, out of the reach of The girls, that’s the biggest challenge.
  6. Take at least one picture every day
    I’ve seen a few folk do this over the last couple of years, and I like the idea a lot. The shot at the top of tis post is day one – we’ll see how I get on over the next 12 months

So those are my goals for 2013. I’m sure I’ll come up short on some, but hopefully I succeed on some, and find myself this time next year looking back on a successful 12 months.

This autumn I'm running/cycling in a 30km duathlon and a half marathon, to raise money for Breast Cancer Campaign. You can read more about my challenge here or support me here. All donations, however big or small, gratefully received!

4 thoughts on “Another year over, a new one just begun

  1. Enjoyed that post :-) you have had a good year and are a bit of an inspiration. I look forward to hearing how you get on

  2. 10 stone is quite literally a huge achievement, some good resolutions there get some races booked in and then you’ll stay motivated with the running

    • Planning on repeating the Great Scottish Run 10k in September, and there’s one in Lincoln I’m looking at in April, that we can hopefully tie into a visit to Gem’s mum, so there’s at least two I’ll be doing. Nothing like your challenge though!

      The weight loss has been fantastic, and I don’t think I’ve put too much back on over Christmas and New Year. Gem still has a bit to go, but is still really motivated which is obviously good. If she keeps going at the pace she has been, though, she’ll be where she wants to be by the summer – perfect!

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