Word up

Megan, with a bag on her head

We’ve now reached a very fun stage with Megan, where she’s really starting to get the hang of talking, and the words come tumbling out. She’s a little later getting here than her sister was, but now that she has, she’s making up for lost time and we’re getting 2 or 3 new words every day.

Of course, not all of those words could be classed as the Queen’s English, but it’s the combination of mispronounced and completely made up words that make it so much fun.

We often talked about writing a list of Heather’s “kidisms”, but never quite got round to it. Consequently, a lot have been forgotten already, which is a real shame, because it was such an important part of her development. I’m sure “hairpoo” (it’s what you wash your hair with), “mermaids” (mayonnaise, as in a chicken mermaids sandwich) and “activity play” (it’s what kids perform at Christmas) will live on forever though!

Anyway, I’m not making the same mistake again, so here I proudly
present the A to (almost) Z of Megan (first edition):

  • Aieee – Daddy Lion, Megan’s favourite toy. Also, Auntie Ali
  • Bah-bee – Barbie. Megan love love loves the Barbie movies, much to Gem’s dismay
  • Boaba – Spongebob Squarepants
  • Boobie – blueberries
  • Cuggle – cuddle
  • Daddy – Me :)
  • Dedda – Heather
  • Dim Dom – Ding dong, used when her and Heather play at door to door selling (yes, really!)
  • Eeeeeee – Uncle Ian. Or Uncle Iain. How confusing!
  • Gemma – occasionally used to get Mummy’s attention. Not encouraged
  • Gamma – refers to both Grandma AND Grandpa
  • Guv – gloves
  • Jew – squash, fruit juice etc
  • Kokie-Kokie – Confused.com, as sung along to the advert
  • Me – Megan point blank refuses to say her own name. This is as close as we get
  • Mummy/Mama – guess who?
  • Nana – refers to both Nana AND Grandad (spotting a theme here)
  • No – no. Also, nose. And snow
  • Nyeah – yes. Sometimes this is hard to differentiate from no
  • Out – Could you he so kind as to lift me from my cot/highchair? NOW!
  • Ower – Over, as in fallen over
  • Pay – play
  • Peppa – Peppa Pig. Also, thanks to Happy Mrs Chicken, refers to the iPad. And paper
  • Pea – please
  • Pooey – My nappy needs changing (applies whether actually pooey or just wet)
  • Readit – I would like you to read me this story, if it’s not too much trouble
  • Shot – My turn. Usually screamed at the top of her voice
  • Tea – teeth. Also, both tea AND coffee
  • Teddy – pretty much any toy that isn’t Daddy Lion, Pooh or Minnie Mouse. Including Westwood, the big dog
  • Toyet – toilet
  • TT – television
  • Tyah – Tyler the penguin
  • Wan – run
  • Why – repeated ad infinitum, surely the worst word in her entire vocabulary

As I write this list, and leave out a lot of other words that she uses on a regular basis, I’m realising that she really does have quite the vocabulary. Maybe she’s not so far off her sister’s pace after all.

Edit: I had completely forgotten I wrote about Megan starting to talk, back in September. It’s nice to see how far she’s come in the last few months!

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