For your “I”s only

January was a busy month here in the house, with more pageviews than any month since I started up last May. In fact, a quarter of ALL my pageviews to date came in that one month, which is incredible. I’m sure there’s a pretty good correlation between that and the increased frequency with which I’ve been posting, which is one of my aims for 2013.*

By contrast, I’ve been pretty quiet so far in February, so I was grateful when Tom tagged me in this here meme. 10 quick “questions”, which should hopefully get the creative juices flowing again. So without further ado…

  • I can…. touch my toes
  • I can’t…. roll my tongue
  • I want…. to go to sleep – still recovering from the Super Bowl on Sunday. I’m getting too old for staying up til 4am!
  • I wish….  our lottery numbers would come up!
  • I would like…. to work closer to home. Or to be able to teleport here and back in the blink of an eye
  • I don’t want…. any more snow. We’ve got through the winter unscathed compared to the rest of the country, and I’d like it to stay that way, thanks
  • I wish I could…. spend more time with my girls, especially during the week
  • I hope…. our girls grow into strong, intelligent women, and are able to follow whatever path they decide to take as far as it will take them
  • I love…. my family
  • I am…. significantly lighter, thinner and fitter than I was this time last year, and very pleased about it

This being a meme, it’s now my turn to tag some other suitable victims candidates, so here we go:

*It is, of course, very easy to get caught up in stats, and I do try my best not to do that, because that’s liable to end the fun and turn writing stuff here into a chore. At the same time, though, it’s nice to know that someone out there is reading so thanks for stopping by, and please feel free to come back anytime :)

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