Book review: Anisha’s Adventures in Bangladesh

Two things we love in our house are reading and travel. Before she had even turned two, Heather had been as far east as the UAE, and as far west as New York City. What a lucky girl! Unfortunately for Megan, a bigger family makes those sort of trips a lot more complicated and expensive, and the furthest she’s ever been is the northwest coast of Ireland.

We may not be going on another foreign holiday any time soon, but we still want to teach our girls that there’s a big world out there, full of exciting things to see and explore. And a great way do that is with the Anisha’s Adventures books from My Little Big Town.

The first book in the series, Anisha’s Adventures in Bangladesh, tells the story of a young girl called Anisha, whose grandparents give her some magical birthday gifts: a flying pony, and a camera that can describe what its user is looking at, as well as taking pictures. Anisha uses these gifts to explore her home country of Bangladesh, learning from her camera about various important landmarks along the way. Of course we, as readers, get to learn alongside Anisha, which is the really clever bit.

Written by Moinul Islam, and inspired by his own daughter (also called Anisha), the book is illustrated by Calvin Innes, and his colourful images really bring the story – and the country of Bangladesh – to life. Our girls are a little younger than the recommended reading age of 5+, but they were both entranced when I read this to them, and we all enjoyed learning about Bangladesh, a country I didn’t really know much about beforehand.

Anisha’s next adventure, this time in London, is due to be published soon, and I look forward to being able to show the girls a city that Gem and I have always loved visiting. Maybe one day they might get to visit it for real!

Anisha’s Adventures in Bangladesh is published by My Little Big Town, and is available to buy from Amazon and other retailers. I was sent this item for review, but have not been paid for mentioning it in this post. All words and opinions are my own, and links have been included out of courtesy.

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