365 pictures: 61 – 70

Time for a massively overdue catch-up – today is, astonishingly, the 79th day of 2013! – so I’ll keep this introduction short, and let the pictures do the talking.


61. Bike Ride

A beautiful spring day saw us cracking out the kids’ bikes for a walk in the sun. Spring was well and truly here, or so we thought…


62. Pulled pork

Proving that diet food doesn’t have to be boring :)


63. Cresswell Lane

A quirky corner of Glasgow’s West End that I’ve never explored before, although sadly I was just passing through. A return visit is definitely required at some point


64. Daddy it’s you!

Both girls are big fans of colouring apps on phones and iPad. Heather coloured this picture one morning, then told me it was me. I don’t see the likeness myself, but who am I to argue?


65. Chillin’

TV, a good book and a foot rest. What else could you ask for?


66. Toys

Since she started sleeping in it, the bundle of toys at the end of Heather’s bed has grown and grown. Occasionally it gets in her way and tipped onto the floor. Like this.


67. Reading in bed

Love this snap, taken the day after World Book Day (UK).


68. Rainbow cake

Megan’s AWESOME birthday cake, the centrepiece of her birthday party. Don’t recall a cake disappearing as quickly as this one did!


69. Watching the snow fall

Few things are as precious as watching kids react to snow falling.


70. Snow

After starting this set with a beautiful sunny day, it’s finishing with a snowy scene. At this time of year, shouldn’t it be the other way round?

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5 thoughts on “365 pictures: 61 – 70

    • Thank you. The amount of teddies they have already is ridiculous, and the collection is only going to get bigger as they get older. No wonder Heather sometimes throws them off her bed, there’s barely room left for her!

  1. Great post! The pic of your kids watching the snow fall is awesome! Don’t get a lot of that here in southern California!

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