365 pictures: 81 – 90

We visited Gem’s mum in Welby over Easter, then had the rest of last week off work. Apparently that meant taking time off posting daily photos as well, because I had to do a mammoth catch up today. Fortunately I didn’t stop taking pictures, so my photo a day project lives on. And there are some great snaps in this batch…

81. Hampden roar
The night Scotland became the first European nation officially out of contention for a 2014 World Cup place. Yes, even San Marino, Lichtenstein and Luxembourg lasted longer than us. Euro 2016 it is then…

82. Butterfly
Heather loves getting her face painted, and she loved this butterfly she got at a church coffee morning. I’m not so sure about the orange lips, but she liked them too.

83. Gaslight Anthem
We rounded off a busy weekend with our second gig of the year, the Gaslight Anthem at a jam packed O2 Academy, and a great show it was too.

84. Shoes
After giving our shoes a long overdue polish I thought I should capture the moment for posterity.

85. 28,000 feet sunset
A working day in Birmingham meant I got to see the sun set from high above the clouds, which always looks spectacular.

86. Bubble wrap
Who doesn’t like popping bubble wrap? Certainly not our two girls!

87. Easter bonnets
Heather needed an Easter Bonnet for her last day at nursery, which meant Megan had to have one too! Don’t they look pretty?

88. Heathers
I couldn’t resist snapping this. If the plants had been a bit healthier looking I might even have picked some up.

89. Driving
A pit stop en route to Nana’s house. Megan decided the best way to relax after sitting in the car for a few hours is by, um, sitting in a car. I’ll never understand toddler logic…

90. Chocolate lolly
An Easter treat from our favourite new landlady, Sarah at the Crown and Anchor in Welby.

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