You know my name


I’ve written a couple of times about Megan’s ever improving speech and ever growing vocabulary, and how amazing it is to watch.

So it seems strange to now be writing about how the same thing has made me a little bit sad, but hopefully you’ll see why.

One of Heather’s first words was her own name. In fact, it might have even been her very first word. And it was one of Megan’s first words too, probably because she heard us shout it so much. Or maybe it was a defence mechanism – Heather has always been fond of her sister, often to the point of literally smothering her with love!

But try as we might, we could never get Megan to say her own name. For a long time, “Me” was what she insisted she was called, which is actually very hard to argue with.

That changed a few weeks ago, when she decided that her name was, in fact, Meggy. I say decided because I’m convinced that whole “Me” business was just to wind us up. Which sounds silly to say of a 2 year old, but she’s got previous, so I wouldn’t put it past her.

The Meggy phase was, as it turned out, to be very short-lived. As of last week she’s started referring to herself as Megan. And, while I’m obviously proud of her, and pleased that she’s continuing to learn and develop, I’m also a bit sad.

It’s another reminder of how quickly they change, and how fleeting these early years. And, of course, of how important it is to record those moments, so that in years to come things like the transition from Me to Meggy to Megan won’t be forgotten, which is exactly the reason I started blogging in the first place.

The potential for embarrassing the girls in their teenage years is just an added bonus! :)

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