Sponsored Post: BakingMad.com


Anyone who knows us knows that amazing things come out of our kitchen with amazing regularity. Rarely are these wonderful creations my doing, I should point out, for I am married to a veritable culinary genius who can whip up an incredible meal in the time it takes me to find and open a recipe book, never mind pick out something I think I can make.

And it’s not just meals, either, Gem is also becoming quite the master baker, and several of her offerings have featured on the Sunday Baking Club blog.

So when BakingMad.com got in touch with me, and asked me to make one of their recipes I jumped at the chance – it would be my turn to shine for a change! I also knew that Gem would approve, because BakingMad.com is a site she’s used in the past. And there was so much to choose from: sconescupcake recipes and even cheesecake recipes!


In the end I actually ended up baking some peanut butter cookies not from the website but from recipe book they sent me. I say I did the baking… I did have a kitchen full of helpers, although mysteriously most of them vanished when it came time to wash up. And Gem stayed there to offer advice and assistance as required. Which I’m pleased to say wasn’t much – maybe I’m better at this baking business than I think!

The cookies were delicious. So good, in fact, we gave some to my dad as part of his Father’s Day present, and the rest didn’t last very long at all – not with all those helpers to feed! Definitely a hit though, and something I expect we’ll be making for years to come.


Bakingmad.com supplied a goodie bag of ingredients and a recipe book in return for this post. All words, pictures and opinions are my own.

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