It’s the end of the world as we know it

Heather's first day of nursery, and last week

I’ve been writing a lot recently about changes, and today one of those changes actually happened: it was Heather’s last ever day at nursery. Sadly we weren’t there for this momentous occasion, but both Gem and I were able to attend yesterday’s summer show yesterday. Working full time, I’ve not made it to as many of the nursery events as Gem has, but I’m so glad I got to this one because it was absolutely fantastic.

The show consisted of a series of songs that the kids have learned through the year, each led by a different group of five or six kids dressed to suit that song. Heather’s group were dressed as flower fairies, and sang a song about sticks, something that linked into the art project they’ve been involved in all year. She was a busy girl, though, because as well as singing that, she also had a line in the short drama (also linked to the art project) and even bought a currant bun from the baker’s shop during another group’s song.

The highlight, though, was the finale, which was introduced as a song the kids had been practising all year especially for Mr Reid, the retiring headmaster. After one round of Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, the kids all yelled “KIDDING!” at the top of their voices… and started dancing to Gangnam Style! Hilarious, and a perfect counterpoint to the slideshow we were shown afterwards, once the kids had taken their bows and gone to get changed, which was a series of photos taken throughout the year.

I think someone must have been chopping onions in the school kitchen, because there weren’t many dry eyes in the house. And yes, there was a wee tear in my eyes too!

There were more tears when I got in from work today, and asked Heather how it felt to no longer be a nursery girl. When she burst into floods of tears I was quite taken aback – she’s been really excited about going to school after the summer, but I guess it never occurred to her that this would also mean no more nursery. I felt a bit bad, but how was I to know?

So that’s the story of the last couple of days. Maybe not the end of the world, but definitely the end of an era. And I’m sure we’ll all be fine.

Especially Heather.

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4 thoughts on “It’s the end of the world as we know it

  1. Lovely post. Also lovely to know that kids can e joy nursery that much. Reassuring for when our little ones go.

    And yeah, how could you have known :-)

    • Cheers mate. Heather has loved every minute of her year and a half at nursery, but she’s totally ready to take the next step, and we all know she’ll be a star at school as well.

      Poor Megan is going to miss her though, being out all day instead of just an afternoon. And she’s got a whole year to wait to start nursery, which is a bit odd – she’ll be older than H was when she starts, but gets 2 full years to H’s year and a half. School cut offs are weird!

    • It was hilarious! I managed to get some poor quality video, but won’t be posting it because I obviously wouldn’t have everyone’s permission. Nice keepsake for us though :)

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