Paint your pallette blue and grey


Like most kids her age, Heather loves to draw and paint. And cut, and stick, and shape, and mould and… it’s fair to say that if they do it on Art Attack or Mister Maker Heather wants to do it too – those have been two of her favourite TV shows since before she could hold a pencil.

And she’s getting good too! Its’s been a joy watching her progress from formless scribbles, to detailed drawings that look increasingly like what she says they are.


This week we reached a whole new level with the two drawings you can see here. Starting with the Wii U controller, and continuing with Princess Jasmine, Heather produced a couple of impressive still life drawings that I’m pretty impressed with. Gem tells me she spent ages on each one, to capture every detail of her subjects. Well, almost every detail – poor Jasmine has no hands, because by her own admission Heather isn’t very good at those, but we can let her off with that. She is only four after all!

So does a career as an artist beckon? Who knows, but at this stage I wouldn’t be surprised in the slightest. I think it’s safe to say, though, that whatever Heather ends up doing, there will be plenty more masterpieces along the way.

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