Stuck between stations


Now, I know he’s not everyone’s cup of tea, but this morning’s news that Chris Moyles is leaving Radio 1’s breakfast show at the end of September saddens me, because I think it will mean meĀ leaving Radio 1 as well. And unlike Mr Moyles, I don’t know where I’ll be going next.

I’m a music fan, and I like finding new stuff to listen to, something which radio is great for. That said, most of the music Radio 1 plays these days is balls, and has been getting steadily worse for a long time now. Or maybe it’s me getting old. Either way, I can’t think of the last song or album I bought because I’d heard it first on Radio 1, and maybe that should be my first sign that it’s not for me.

But I’ve kept on listening for a couple of reasons, which I’ll share now. Firstly, I really like the Moyles show. It doesn’t actually feature much music, and when it does, it’s less balls than the rest of the daytime Radio 1 output, because of relaxed rules about playing playlisted tracks. I don’t often hear more than a track or two, but the Golden Hour on a Friday is a great example of that.

As I’ve said though, the Chris Moyles show isn’t really about the music, it’s about the people and the chat, and that’s what keeps me tuning in. Three of the main cast of five (Chris, Dave and Dom) are around my age, and as such a lot of the banter talks to my life and experiences. Often I find myself laughing at things which I know will go way over the heads of Radio 1’s target audience of 15-29 year olds.

That’s what I’m going to miss the most.

So… what are my alternatives? Here’s a list of my FM radio options in the Glasgow area. Radio 1 is the only station that has “new music” listed against it. I’m discounting the adult/oldies/soft stations (I looked at Radio 2’s breakfast playlist from yesterday, and I really don’t think I could do it) , and I’ve heard enough of the contemporary ones to know that, like Radio 1, they’re aimed at a much younger listener than me. I don’t want talk or classical, which basically leaves me with Rock Radio.

Now, I do sometimes turn over to Rock Radio, and the music is usually okay, but the presenters are mostly terrible, a bit like the commercials. And it doesn’t play a lot of new stuff (it’s a CLASSIC rock station). And the reception is quite patchy as you cross the city. So not really an option.

What I’d really like is to listen to 6 music. Here’s what their breakfast DJ, Shaun Keaveney, played this morning – much more what I’m looking for. I don’t know all of it, I don’t like some of it, but it’s the sort of mix I’d happily listen to. In fact I quite often do listen to 6 music, but not in the car. Because it’s only available on DAB, and I don’t have a DAB radio in the car. And they’re bloody expensive. And I’ve heard reception can be rather hit and miss. So I’m not going down that route.

I’ve just heard that Nick Grimshaw – or Grimmy as he’s often known – will be replacing Moyles when he leaves. I’ve nothing against Grimmy, he’s certainly not Radio 1’s worst DJ, but neither do I want to listen to him every day. So I guess that’s it then. I’m officially cast into the radio wilderness, with no-one catering to my needs, Which makes me sad.

Maybe I should start a campaign, to get 6 music onto FM – I can’t be the only person stuck between stations, can I?

Or maybe I should accept that I’m a dad now, and as such it’s my duty to moan that they don’t play any good music on the wireless any more. What do you think?

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