Better late than never…

About a month ago, I told my pal Lis I’d plug the shows she’s promoting once I’d written about a special little girl’s birthday. Due to illness (sniffles followed by chickenpox) said little girl has yet to have her first birthday party, and I’ve therefore not got round to writing about it. With the first of these gigs less than a week away, I guess its time to come good and shamelessly cut/paste Lis’s blurb.

I’ve never seen Jim Bob (or Carter USM), so can’t comment there. Chris T-T was great when I saw him in December, so I’m expecting similar this time around. I’ll be at both of these – see you there?

Chris T-T Sings JC to Sleep In Glasgow

Saturday, 28th April, 7pm // The Admiral, Glasgow

The iconoclastic Chris T-T will be back in Glasgow at the end of April to promote new EP The Taking of Clarkson’s Lighthouse, and YOU are invited!

On this solo headline tour, Chris will tell the tragic (made up) tale of a divisive genius TV presenter, a violent island uprising and the last surviving Fraggle. He will be joined by London-based DIY songwriter She Makes War, touring her excellent second album Little Battles on which Chris played piano.

Glasgow’s Lovers Turn To Monsters, also on the bill (and who I’ve been promising a gig for ages), might not be promoting a new album by April but – given his track record – probably will be.

This one is on Saturday, 28th April at The Admiral Bar. As you know I’m a massive fan of Chris’ work and I’m hoping this will be a really special night. Tickets are £6 and available from Eventbrite, where – as luck would have it! – there are still some tickets left for Jim Bob’s book tour in May.

More Chris T-T:
More She Makes War:
More Loves Turn To Monsters:

Tickets available here:

Jim Bob: Driving Jarvis Ham (with Gordon McIntyre, 8-Bit Ninjas)

Sunday, 27th May, 7:30pm // The Old Hairdressers, Glasgow

Driving Jarvis Ham': new novel and live tour from Carter USM singer Jim Bob.

Following on from his critically acclaimed debut novel Storage Stories, Jim Bob’s second novel Driving Jarvis Ham is published by The Friday Project (Harper Collins) on May 10th.

The novel will be available in hardback, paperback and as an e-book. The limited edition hardback edition will have a link to a coded download EP with four all-new Jim Bob songs on. The EP is called “Day Job”.

Tonight Jim Bob will be performing songs from his back catalogue, both solo and Carter USM, and reading from the novel. Support comes from Gordon McIntyre (ballboy) and a first Scottish show from Walsall’s 8-Bit Ninjas

Here’s what Jim Bob’s publisher has to say about Driving Jarvis Ham:

A friend reflects on life with Jarvis Ham: tea-room assistant, diarist, lift-cadger. Princess Di fan, secret alcoholic, relentless seeker of fame, and all-round irritant.The novel is for anyone who has ever found themselves looking across at a childhood friend, and wondering why they still know them. Everyone here who has read Jim Bob’s book has pissed themselves laughing. It is very funny, but very, very dark. We look forward to unleashing Jim on the festivals and bookshops of our nation this summer.

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Tickets available here:

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