Ain’t no birthday like a princess birthday

H opening presentsThis past weekend we celebrated the fourth anniversary of our lives changing forever, when we became parents for the first time. And to prove it, I’m absolutely knackered. What a weekend!

I had the day off for Heather’s birthday itself, which was obviously good, although far from relaxing. The day began with a very important task: opening presents. Megan, somewhat predictably, got upset that she didn’t have the same pile of stuff to unwrap. Very hard to explain to someone who’s not yet two though, despite her apparent ability to understand every word anyone says to her.

Heather was suitably thrilled with everything she opened, and even hugged one or two of the boxes which was absolutely adorable. But there was no time to play with anything, because we had a Disney Store shopping spree to go on, courtesy of Nana and Grandad.

And how impressed were we with those nice Disney Store folks? As she handed over the money for her loot, Heather mentioned that it was her birthday. “Really? And what age are you? And what’s your name?” were the responses, after which we were sent over to the video wall for a special on-screen birthday message, accompanied by projected fireworks all around the store. I think Heather struggled to take it all in – I can’t honestly remember the last time I saw her so quiet and still (awake anyway) but she definitely enjoyed it.

H birthday message

And something to remember for the future – birthday people get to open the Disney Store with a special giant key, if they’re there a opening time (presumably requires prior arrangement?)

After that it was home for lunch and an afternoon at nursery, where everyone got to enjoy some birthday cake. It must have been good, because there were no leftovers. At least, none that came our way…

Final treat of the day was dinner at Pizza Hut. It should be stressed that this was 100% Heather’s choice – Gem and me had been campaigning for a visit to Equi’s, our local award-winning ice-cream parlour and chip shop, but Heather was adamant that Pizza Hut was where she wanted to go (“it’s my favourite!”) so that’s where we went. And a good meal was had by all.

So that was her birthday itself. The rest of the weekend was similarly busy, with a Christmas party on Saturday, and then a Princess Party at our house (activities: pizza topping, crown making and various party games) on Sunday. Honestly, sometimes I think our 4 year old has a better social life than we do!

To be honest, I’m still finding it hard to believe that we now have a 4 year old. No longer are we the parents of two toddlers – Heather is very definitely a little girl now. And weirdly, in the few days since she turned 4, she’s actually seemed older. I remember growing up being asked how it felt to be a new age, and answering that it was good, but really not feeling any different at all. But Heather somehow DOES seem different, dramatically so. Maybe it’s the curls in her hair, or maybe it’s because she feels different. I don’t know.

H in her Belle dress

What I do know is that she’ll be starting school in about 8 months time, and things are really going to change then. What happened to my baby?

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