Fun fun fun in the sun sun sun

Sisters in the sunLiving in Scotland, we don’t tend to see the sun that much, so it’s important to make the most of it when we do get some. And I think it’s fair to say we’ve done just that over the last week or so – and even better, I had a few days off to enjoy the sunshine with the girls.

For Megan, of course this was all a brand new experience, but other than trying to eat a few pebbles you wouldn’t have known it. I think it helped that she had Heather to show her the ropes. It was an absolute joy to watch them playing together, whether it was in and out of the play house, running around on the grass or rocking on the see-saw.

See-sawThat last one gave me a few heart-stopping moments, though, as Heather rocked a bit too vigorously for my liking. Megan was loving it though, and she kept hold with both hands so I stayed back and let them get on with it. It would be far too easy to step in and take the fun out, in case anyone got hurt, but I’m a firm believer that kids need to learn their limits by themselves (within reason, obviously) so I bit my tongue and watched from a distance.

The absolute highlight, though, was on Sunday afternoon at the house of some friends. We’d stayed over the night before, and had intended leaving mid-morning, but with the weather so glorious and the company so good, it was just too easy to hang around a bit longer. And anyway, the paddling pool was out, and it would have been a shame for it not to get put to good use, right?

Heather certainly made good use of the pool when she decided to cool off by sitting in it. I think it was colder than she expected, though, because she leapt up and started pulling at the straps of her swimming costume. “Don’t take that off” we said, “run about and that will dry you off” we said. But take it off she did. And then, naked, decided to dry off a bit more by bouncing on the trampoline for a bit. Which amused everyone, adults and kids alike.

She must have flitted between pool and trampoline half a dozen times, giggling all the while, and I expect enjoying the fact that everyone was sharing her amusement. It really was hilarious.

Gem got some video footage, for embarrassment purposes at some later date. DEFINITELY not suitable for YouTube though!

Oh to be 3 years old, and completely¬†unselfconscious¬†again…

Sisters in the house

Walking on the stones

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